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TRYAL Introduces Home Health Care Module to Manage Remote Visits in Clinical Studies

[Austin, TX, 7/10/2023] – TRYAL, a leading provider of innovative eClinical solutions, is pleased to announce the availability of TRYAL's Home Health Care module, an intelligent platform designed to revolutionize the process of configuring and deploying Home Healthcare Management resources. With this cutting-edge technology, TRYAL aims to streamline and automate care administration processes while enhancing workflow efficiency and visibility into vendor performance.

Home healthcare is an essential aspect of modern clinical study conduct, enabling participants to receive study treatments and submit data collected from the comfort of their own homes. However, managing and coordinating home healthcare services can often be a complex and global problem, leading to potential safety and data quality risks. TRYAL's Home Health Care module is here to change that.

By leveraging advanced automation, TRYAL's Home Health Care module simplifies the deployment of DCT and hybrid study solutions directly from the protocol. This AI-enabled approach eliminates manual configuration efforts and accelerates the implementation process, reducing the burden on site personnel and ensuring rapid and consistent execution.

Key Features of TRYAL's Home Health Care Module:

1. Enable Remote Data Collection: The module enables remote data collection, allowing credentialed at-home nursing agencies to facilitate decentralized, hybrid or fully remote studies globally.

2. Service Requests: Assign and approve doctor's orders for remote visit procedures, streamlining the process and ensuring compliance with study protocols.

3. Credential Verification: Effortlessly request, verify, and approve the credentials of home health personnel assigned to perform home visits, validating

their qualifications and expertise.

4. Resource Allocation: Efficiently assign primary and backup personnel to perform service requests for remote visits and study activities, ensuring continuity and optimized resource utilization.

5. Digital Documentation: Real-time data capture and communication enhance the quality of visits, enabling seamless information exchange between healthcare providers and participants.

TRYAL's Home Health Care module stands out for its versatility, empowering sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) to implement decentralized and hybrid study models consistently across different regions, sites, and home healthcare vendors. This unified approach enhances operational efficiency, improves

data quality, and promotes decentralized data collection in clinical research studies.

"TRYAL is proud to introduce our Home Health Care module, a game-changer in the realm of in-home data collection," said Shae Wilkins, CEO at TRYAL. "We believe this powerful platform will revolutionize the way at-home data collection services are administered, ultimately improving study outcomes by reinforcing best practices when managing home care implementations in a consistent manner."

TRYAL is committed to ongoing innovation and leveraging advanced technologies to drive positive change in the eClinical industry. TRYAL's Home Healthcare module represents another significant step forward in achieving this mission, enabling healthcare providers to data collection to participants in their homes and significantly reducing study burden to administer these resources.

For more information about TRYAL's Home Healthcare module and other TRYAL solutions, please visit or contact: ###


TRYAL is a leading provider of innovative AI-powered eClinical solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance clinical research. With a mission to simplify the complexity of clinical data collection, TRYAL's intelligent platform and solutions streamline processes, drive study efficiency, and automate system design directly from the protocol. To learn more about TRYAL, visit


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