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Video Anonymization

Using TRYAL Accelerator, source video captured in clinical trials is rapidly anonymized, safeguarding Patient Identifying Information (PII) in sponsor data submitted to regulatory agencies.

Privacy Protection
Re-identification Prevention
Regulatory Compliance
Participant Trust & Research Integrity

Video anonymization is a process that safeguards the privacy of individuals captured in clinical trial videos. It removes any identifying information, such as faces, voices, and personal details, while preserving the valuable clinical data.

Privacy Protection

Advanced algorithms automatically detect and blur faces, ensuring that participants’ identities remain confidential. Audio redaction eliminates any personally identifiable information (PII) from spoken conversations.

Regulatory Compliance

Fully validated platform provides a full audit trail and complies with all regulations, such as HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11, to allow for compliant regulatory submissions.

Re-identification Prevention

Once anonymized, the data cannot be reversed or post-processed to re-identify specific individuals. Rigorous testing ensures that even advanced pixel-restoration techniques cannot compromise participant privacy.

Participant Trust & Integrity

By anonymizing videos, we foster trust and encourage participation in clinical trials. Researchers and study teams can focus on analyzing meaningful data without privacy concerns.

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