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AI-Powered Innovations in Clinical Trials: Optimizing Every Step

In the dynamic landscape of clinical research, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is heralding a new era marked by accelerated processes, enhanced efficiency, and patient-centric trials. In this blog, we delve into some key insights shared by TRYAL’s CEO, Shae Wilkins in a recent podcast episode hosted by Mark Wade at Transperfect, shedding light on the profound impact of AI in revolutionizing various facets of clinical trials.

Transperfect & TRYAL LifeSci Talks Podcast Episode 8

Accelerating Drug Discovery Through AI

One of the primary areas where AI shines is in expediting the creation of new drug candidates. AI's prowess in modeling protein folding and discovery of new gene therapies have led to an influx of new drug candidates at an unprecedented pace.

…but Clinical Trial Conduct is Lagging Behind

The way we conduct clinical trials from a clinical operations perspective, has largely remained unchanged. For every study, teams are manually creating clinical study documents based on information in the protocol or synopsis. 

Protocol Digitization & Streamlined Study Startup

AI's role can extend beyond drug discovery to optimize study startup tasks. Shae emphasizes the industry's opportunity to leverage AI in standardizing and digitizing protocols. By turning a protocol into an actionable data set, AI enables eClinical systems to be set up faster than ever before.

AI-Powered Translations and Document Generation

With the simple upload of a protocol, AI generates the best first draft of critical documents, such as consent forms. AI's ability to understand and automate the information from a protocol, can be extended into any document that is informed by protocol content. 

The Future Landscape

As AI continues to maximize its capabilities (and quickly!), the industry is poised for transformative advancements in generating high-quality data, boosting efficiency, and automating crucial & manual clinical trial processes. 

"The interesting thing about discussions and podcasts like this is that as soon as you and I get off the phone, I know that it's already moved forward. That's how quickly this is happening." -Shae Wilkins, CEO, TRYAL

In embracing the potential of AI, the clinical research landscape stands at the brink of a paradigm shift, promising improved outcomes, increased efficiency, and a more patient-centric approach. The journey has just begun, and the fusion of AI and clinical research continues to unfold with each passing innovation.

Listen to the Full Podcast:Tune in here for a deeper dive into the transformative power of AI in clinical research. 


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