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Home Healthcare

TRYAL’s Home Healthcare solution helps centralize and enforce workflow for remote study visits and data capture, improving protocol compliance and fully realizing benefits of decentralized approaches to clinical research.

Laptop and Smartphone displaying TRYAL software
Assign and approve Physician orders for remote visit procedures
Request, verify & approve credentials of personnel performing home visits
Assign primary, secondary & backup personnel to perform service requests
Capture & communicate real-time data, improving visit quality & patient experience

Hybrid and remote studies continue to gain traction in clinical research, but managing numerous vendors and subcontractors, each with their own process and performance standards, presents significant challenges in the administration of clinical visits at a participant’s home, potentially compromising procedures and invalidating data.

Consistent Workflow

Enforce best practices workflow across global and local providers to ensure data quality.

Timely Data Collection

Capture and communicate real-time data, improving visit quality and patient experience.

Provider Credentialing

Understand and approve personnel conducting remote visits at a participant’s home.

Resource Allocation

Assign primary, secondary and backup personnel to perform remote visits and study activities.

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