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Engaging eCOA

TRYAL's eCOA solution features a comprehensive suite of capabilities, built on decades of experience capturing regulatory compliant, high-quality study data from participants.

Smart phone displaying TRYAL's eCOA functionality
ePRO, ClinRO, ObsRO, PerfRO Capabilities
Standard Instrument Library
Automated and Visual Design Tools
Six Modalities to Engage Study Participants
Hardware Provisioning, Support & Delivery Services

As eCOA solutions are used more often every year to capture critical study data, the participant demands more from the user experience and it can change with each study.  TRYAL’s eCOA has more ways to engage the participants than other platforms, helping sponsors achieve better compliance and higher quality data collected.

Improved Data Quality

On-line & off-line data capture with robust error checking, minimizing the need for data cleaning & correction.

Real Time Data Capture

Enables real-time capture and monitoring of outcomes from Participants (ePRO), Clinicians (ClinRO), Caregivers (ObsRO), and Sensors (PerfRO) via iOS, Android, or Web.

Increased Engagement

Encourages participants to complete assessments and adhere to their study protocol by using scheduling, reminders and alerts. 

Scalability & Flexibility

Complete with a library of pre-built industry standard questionnaires and robust design capabilities to support complex endpoints and enforce clinical research best practices.

Imagine what your implementation will look like...
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