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TRYAL Accelerator

The industry’s first AI-powered platform built to configure solutions directly from the clinical protocol.

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Create working prototypes of eCOA, eConsent & HomeHealthcare solutions
Produce sample data from a working prototypes to confirm desired outputs
Generate virtually any study document directly from the protocol
Anonymize video, voice and text to improve participant privacy

As the pace of drug discovery rapidly increases, the slow pace of clinical research has largely remained the same.  TRYAL Accelerator drastically reduces study startup, matching the speed of execution to the speed of innovation, helping bring more promising therapies to patients.

Accelerated Study Startup

By generating eClinical prototypes and documents to run a study, authors become editors.

Full Transparency

See and use your data collection solution in real-time, using the protocol.

Useful Data

Accelerator turns PDF and DocX and other formats into structured data, allowing it to be used in more ways.

Lower Costs

Study teams become editors instead of authors, leaping forward in the study timeline.

Imagine what your implementation will look like...
or see it with TRYAL Accelerator.

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