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TRYAL Announces Video Anonymization for Clinical Trials

TRYAL is pleased to announce the availability of its latest cutting-edge eClinical service: Video Anonymization. As eClinical data collection technology continues to advance, ensuring participant privacy and data security remains a top priority for sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CROs). TRYAL's Video Anonymization Service represents the newest addition to its innovative suite of eClinical solutions, which includes eCOA, eConsent, and Home Healthcare. Powered by the TRYAL Accelerator platform, video captured during clinical studies can be anonymized, reviewed by study teams, and submitted to regulatory agencies without revealing personally identifiable information (PII).

Videos are among the most powerful tools for meaningfully demonstrating a patient's function and feelings over time, in contrast to traditional observation methods. However, video collection in clinical trials has historically been challenging due to confidentiality and privacy concerns.

Protecting PII with face blur during a clinical site visit

Video anonymization is a process that safeguards the privacy of individuals captured in clinical trial videos by removing any PII, such as faces and voices, while preserving valuable clinical data.

Advancements in technologies like TRYAL Accelerator are making this process easier. Alternative methods for capturing clinical trial data, such as video, are increasingly being utilized to assess improvements in areas such as motor skills, mobility, gait, stride length, cognitive function, and endurance. In some rare disease and neurodegenerative studies (examples of case studies listed here), video scales have been utilized as key clinical endpoints to measure movement that static images do not allow.

Examples of anonymized clinical video data include the Six-Minute Walk Test (6MWT) in clinical trials assessing cardiovascular health or pulmonary function, or other Performance-Related Outcome Measures (PerfRO data) common in therapeutic areas such as CNS, dermatology, musculoskeletal disorders, ophthalmology, rare and orphan diseases, and neuromuscular indications.

Benefits of TRYAL’s Video Anonymization:

  • Participant Trust: By anonymizing videos in compliance with HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11, we foster trust and encourage participation in clinical trials.

  • Research Integrity: Researchers can focus on analyzing meaningful data in a format that is more valuable than traditional observational methods, without privacy concerns.

  • Secure, Consistent, Economical, and Efficient: Like all of TRYAL’s offerings, Video Anonymization Services support the needs of clinical study objectives that require a fully validated platform, ensuring fast and compliant data can be shared within the study team and regulatory agencies.

Ready to enhance your clinical research? Contact our team at or visit to learn more.


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