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Shae Wilkins - Revolutionizing Clinical Trials Using AI

🎙️Join Shae Wilkins, CEO of TRYAL 🎙️ as he dives into the groundbreaking use of AI in clinical trials, highlighting the power of eliminating manual processes and streamlining information flow. These advancements enable better decision-making and capture high-quality data, ultimately contributing to the successful submission of clinical trials.

If you are tired of the burdensome and time-consuming task of translating clinical protocols into software, TRYAL's cutting-edge technology takes your clinical protocol and instantly generates a prototype of all the solutions needed to capture data in your study. Say goodbye to guesswork, configuration challenges, and delays — now we'll show you the optimal trial outcome.

For any healthcare solution where clinical trials play a pivotal role in the success of new patient therapies or drug discoveries, we urge you to share this exciting news with your colleagues.


  • What is a Clinical Trial, and what purpose does it serve?

  • What is the first step when launching a Clinical Trial?

  • What best practices are required when conducting a Clinical Trial?

  • When a clinical trial fails and its impact on drug development.

  • AI in Clinical Trials – How AI enhances efficiency and the Speed of a Clinical Trial.

  • The impact on the participant and how AI improves the experience.


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