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The TRYAL platform leverages state-of-the-art technology to analyze and translate the details of your protocol into digital specifications and automates the configuration of the key systems needed to run a clinical study.


TRYAL delivers the industry’s first AI-powered
platform built to configure solutions directly from
the clinical protocol.

TRYAL ACCELERATOR streamlines the process that is usually comprised of various technology vendors, each with their own interpretation of clinical protocols. We act as a catalyst in protocol automation, ensuring swift, precise, and consistent clinical trial rollouts, thereby establishing a new industry standard.


TRYAL empowers study teams to accelerate clinical trials while mitigating risks, seamlessly bridging the gap between protocol development and submission with innovative AI-driven solutions.

By converting protocols into digital specifications, TRYAL simplifies the prototyping and deployment of clinical technology, establishing a new standard in the industry.




TRYAL has been designed to perform the clinical protocol interpretation and study build-out with increased speed and precision.

TRYAL leverages intelligent automation to expedite the design and implementation of eClinical solutions. Automating key workflows and providing full transparency at every step of the process allows CROs and study sponsors to rapidly prototype and deploy clinical technology with greater confidence.

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