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TRYAL Launches Enhanced eConsent Module: Automating Informed Consent for Clinical Research

[AUSTIN, TX 5/15/2023] – TRYAL, a leading provider of innovative, AI-powered eClinical solutions, is pleased to announce the release of their newest eConsent module on their intelligent platform designed to automate and simplify the configuration and deployment of eClinical solutions. This state-of-the-art technology helps study teams more easily manage the consent and re-consent process, enhances the participant comprehension and experience, and improves site compliance with real-time visibility.

Informed consent is a critical aspect of ethical clinical research, however, traditional consent processes have proven to be time-consuming, complex, and lead to delays in study enrollment. The eConsent module by TRYAL revolutionizes the way documents are created, simplifies the build and administration of how informed consent is obtained, and makes it easier for sponsors and sites to enroll and retain qualified participants in their studies.

"At TRYAL, we are excited to provide a simplified, more engaging consent process for sites and participants through our intelligent platform," said Amanda Nite, Senior Vice President, Product and Operations at TRYAL.

"We are deeply aware that sites and sponsors need as little friction as possible, so we built our eConsent module with the flexibility to allow participants to review content when it's convenient to them, even if they'll finalize the consent in-office. We really focused on the experience to ensure our solution will be a huge value add for both sites and participants."

Key Features of TRYAL's eConsent Module include:

  1. Expanded Accessibility: Participants can conveniently review and consent on-site or at home, via the web or mobile devices, increasing reach and leading to higher enrollment rates. Built-in comment functionality and televisit scheduling, allows participants to have fast access to site staff if they have questions outside of the clinic.

  2. Improved Audit Trails: Integrated on one platform with eCOA data, TRYAL’s eConsent module automatically creates detailed electronic records throughout the consent and re-consent process. This ensures transparency, traceability, and compliance with regulatory requirements and makes it easier for study teams to access all data in one place.

  3. Ease and Flexibility for Re-Consenting: Participants can effortlessly provide electronic signatures using iOS or Android devices from anywhere, making the consent and re-consent process convenient and efficient. The platform enables real-time visibility into signed consents, with built-in reporting to provide high visibility into participants who require re-consent.

  4. Enhanced Comprehension: Upon processing a protocol, the platform automatically generates an informed consent written consistent with NIH guidelines, supports localization of content, and provides interactive, multimedia features that increase understanding of trial procedures. This helps participants make informed decisions and improves overall comprehension of study requirements.

TRYAL's eConsent module empowers sponsors and research sites to significantly speed up and simplify the collection of high-quality data during their studies. By automating the configuration and deployment of eConsent solutions directly from the protocol, the module eliminates manual efforts, reduces errors, and streamlines the consent process.

TRYAL remains committed to leveraging advanced technologies and innovation to simplify and enhance clinical research processes. The eConsent module is fully integrated with TRYAL’s platform and eCOA solution, which allows a more unified and streamlined experience for participants, sites, and sponsors.

For more information about the eConsent module and other TRYAL solutions, please visit or contact



TRYAL is a leading provider of innovative AI-powered eClinical solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance clinical research. With a mission to simplify the complexity of clinical data collection, TRYAL's intelligent platform and solutions streamline processes, drive study efficiency, and automate system design directly from the protocol. To learn more about TRYAL, visit


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