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TRYAL Introduces State-of-the-Art eCOA Solution: Enhancing Data Quality and Participant Compliance.

[AUSTIN, TX 3/19/2023] – TRYAL, a leading provider of innovative, AI-enabled eClinical solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of their next generation eCOA (electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment) solution. With a wide variety of tools and techniques, TRYAL's state-of-the-art eCOA solution is designed to increase participant compliance and improve data quality in clinical research studies.

Accurate and reliable data collection is crucial for successful clinical research, yet has historically been cumbersome and inefficient. TRYAL's intelligent platform automates the configuration and development of the eCOA solution directly from the protocol, significantly decreasing the time and effort it takes to manually build customized systems. This simplifies the creation of questionnaires, schedules and the collection of high-quality data during the study, ensuring consistency across assessments.

“We kept hearing the same pain points from clinical study teams - one of those being the extremely long start-up timelines and the manual effort it takes vendors & study teams to get eCOA ready for FPI," said Shae Wilkins, CEO at TRYAL.

"To solve these problems, we established an impressive team with AI-expertise that have developed an eCOA solution that gives sponsors and CROs a customized system with advanced features, but delivered about 133% faster than current vendors on the market.”

TRYAL’s eCOA solution offers a robust set of features that allow sponsors and CROs glean the full benefits of a seamless, customized platform:

  1. Improved Data Quality: TRYAL enables online and offline data capture with robust error checking, minimizing the need for data cleaning and correction. This ensures the integrity and accuracy of collected data across multiple studies or programs.

  2. Real-Time Data Capture: Participants (ePRO), clinicians (ClinRO), caregivers (ObsRO), and sensors (PerfRO) can conveniently provide real-time outcomes via iOS, Android, or web platforms. This enables efficient monitoring and immediate access to critical study data.

  3. Increased Engagement: TRYAL's eCOA solution utilizes a variety of scheduling, reminders, televisit capabilities, chat functionality, and alerts to encourage participants to complete assessments and adhere to their study protocols. This helps increase engagement and compliance throughout the study duration.

  4. Scalability, Flexibility & Localization: A comprehensive library of pre-built, industry-standard questionnaires and robust design capabilities are included, along with localization support to further streamline translation with partners. This supports complex endpoints and enforces best practices in clinical research, ensuring scalability and flexibility.

Designed by a team of industry veterans, TRYAL’s eCOA solution was intentionally built to speed up delivery and reduce the burden on study teams, while delivering customized systems integrated on a full eClinical platform that are easy to use for both sites and participants. TRYAL is committed to developing innovative, AI-powered technologies to simplify and enhance clinical research processes. The introduction of their eCOA solution, along with eConsent & Home Health Care administration represents another significant advancement in achieving this mission.

For more information about TRYAL's eCOA solution and other innovative eClinical solutions, please visit or contact


TRYAL is a leading provider of innovative AI-enabled eClinical solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance clinical research. With a mission to simplify the complexity of clinical data collection, TRYAL's intelligent platform and solutions streamline processes, drive study efficiency, and automate system design directly from the protocol. To learn more about TRYAL, visit


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