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Shae Wilkins presents at the Decentralized Clinical Trials Event on the Power of Purposeful AI.

Boston, MA - TRYAL is thrilled to announce that Shae Wilkins, a renowned healthcare/clinical software entrepreneur, and executive, will speak at the upcoming Decentralized Clinical Trials event on Wednesday, April 19th, from 2:20 to 2:50 pm at the Boston Marriott Cambridge. Shae's presentation, titled 'Unleashing the Power of Purposeful AI in Clinical Trials: Actions Speak Louder than Algorithms,' will delve into the potential of AI to revolutionize the clinical research landscape and highlight its applications in improving efficiency, accuracy, and speed in the trial process.

With over 22 years of entrepreneurial leadership experience in the healthcare technology industry, Shae Wilkins is a highly respected figure who has successfully built and grown technology companies in the eClinical market. As the CEO of TRYAL, Shae is leading the charge in introducing a revolutionary platform that simplifies the process of conducting clinical trials, leveraging his expertise in software and healthcare to drive transformative value for customers and shareholders.

During his presentation, Shae will cover four key topics: the promise of AI in clinical research, challenges to rapid adoption, where to start, and real-world outputs. In-person or virtual, attendees can learn from Shae's wealth of knowledge and insights on cutting-edge clinical research.

TRYAL's innovative solution aims to streamline the journey between protocol and submission, addressing the challenges associated with multiple vendors and custom software development. By pre-writing most of the data collection processes and auto-populating the software with each trial's unique requirements, TRYAL's platform ensures consistency and harmonization across different clinical studies. This approach can significantly improve accuracy in data collection and outcome assessments, increase submission approvals, decrease time to market for therapies, and boost profits for drugmakers.

Shae Wilkins' expertise in AI and clinical trials and TRYAL's groundbreaking platform promise to be a highlight of the Decentralized Clinical Trials event. Don't miss the opportunity to gain valuable insights from a seasoned industry leader. Register now using the link below to secure your spot at this exciting event.

To learn more about TRYAL and its innovative platform, visit:

About TRYAL:

TRYAL is a healthcare/clinical software company that is revolutionizing how clinical trials are conducted. With a focus on leveraging the power of AI, TRYAL's innovative platform simplifies the process of conducting clinical trials, improving efficiency, accuracy, and speed. TRYAL's mission is to transform the clinical research landscape by providing cutting-edge solutions that streamline the journey from protocol to submission, ultimately leading to better outcomes for patients and stakeholders.


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